Market Signs

Here you will find a list of market indicators - or 'market signs'. A 'good' sign reflects the indicator is showing that market prices could be on the rise. A 'bad' sign indicates that caution should be used as market prices may decline in the near future.

Market Advancement Probability: Bad - Things Appear to be Deteriorating
This overall indicator takes into account the other indicators shown to generate an outlook on the chances of the market trending higher in the next six months or so.

S&P 500 Index 200-Day Moving Average Slope: Positive
The slope of the moving average of this index gives a good indication of the markets current major trend.

VIX 200-Day Moving Average Value: 28.96
In general when the VIX is high over a long period of time the markets are unlikely to continue to advance. I consider when the VIX 200-Day MA is greater than 20 to be a bad sign.

Short Term Bond Fund (SHY) Performance Rank: -45
When a short term government bond fund shows as outperforming the S&P 500 using my ETF performance evaluation, I consider that a sign that something may be wrong with the market.

Approximate Market P/E Ratio: 25.08
Historically the market P/E ratio has averaged out to about 15. I consider values less than 13 to be good, greater than 18 to be bad, and in between to be neutral.